The Best File Storing Services Ever: #6 is a dream come true

Are you still storing your documents on your computer hard-drive? Save yourself some time and space with these cloud-based file storage services!

Remember the days when all your documents where sorted and organized in actual file cabinets? Ah the terror! Luckily those days are behind us, and we can thank cloud-based file storage services for that.

But not all these services are created equal. Some platforms prioritize one feature over another, which might work perfectly for someone but not for others. That's why today we're comparing our top 6 favorite platforms, so you can decide which file storage service is best for you.

Let's go!

What is File Storage?

File storage is a way to organize and store data on a computer hard drive or on a network storage device (NAS). The data within your file storage are typically organized in folders according to a hierarchy, but that depends on the company or personal preference.

Many modern workplaces have transitioned to cloud-based file storage systems. Which means information is stored in off-site data centers (the cloud). You have more features in terms of file storing, and you have the ability to access, share, and receive documents from virtually any device.

Benefits of Using Online File Storage Services

If your company collaborates on documents within your team or even with external organizations, utilizing an online file storage service is a smart move. Here are some key advantages:

Effortless organization - Online file storage services make it easy to organize company documents. Some services even give updates if a document was edited or moved to a different location.

Easy file sharing - File storage services make the information accessible to everyone in the organization, regardless of their location. This is especially helpful since more people are choosing to work from home.

Secure - Storing information on a separate server gives you another layer of security. If your computer crashes or is stolen, cloud-based file storage service protects you from losing files and data.

Affordable - Eliminate the expenses associated with upgrading your on-site hardware devices. Cloud file-storage services are an inexpensive way to store information. Usually they have a small monthly fee depending on how much space your company needs.

The Contenders: Top 6 File Storage Services

When it comes to online file storage services, there are some ‘big boys’ out there. You’ve probably heard of a few of them. In this section we’ll compare some of the most popular file storage services with pros ✅ and cons ❌!

1. Microsoft OneDrive

If you’ve worked in a typical office setting, it’s highly likely that you’ve used Microsoft OneDrive. It’s actually the default save location for your files and documents if you use Windows 10. And if you have Microsoft 350, OneDrive can be installed for free!

Microsoft OneDrive is unique because it allows you to store files both on your computer and in sync with the cloud. If you turn on the backup feature, OneDrive will automatically save folders, documents, and photos to your desktop and cloud.

✅ Pros

-Easy interface

-Integrated on other Window platforms

-Strong presentation features and management options

-Seamless file sharing and collaborative editing

❌ Cons

-Limited storage in comparison to competitors

-Only certain folders are sharable.

2. Google Drive

The infamous Google Drive needs no introduction. It offers a great way to store your documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. And of course it's very collaborative too, especially with Google Workspace.

✅ Pros

-Supports third party applications

-Easy collaboration

-Tons of free storage

-Super free plan

❌ Cons

-Privacy concerns

-No passwords or passcodes for sharing links

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is probably the most popular file storing service on the market. It lets you take images, videos, documents, etc. from your desktop to the cloud service so that your content is assessable everywhere.

✅ Pros

-Accessible on every operating system

-Offers integrations in Apps center

-Supports collaboration

-Digital signatures

❌ Cons

-Free version is too limited

-The subscription service is expensive

4. IDrive

IDrive is a cloud backup service made to store and protect your company information, but they also have an individual plan too, just in case you have any personal documents to store.

✅ Pros

-Offers unlimited backups

-Files and folders are synced in real time

-Provides snapshots of edited documents

-Accessible from multiple devices and computers

-Includes file back up

❌ Cons

-Only offers basic sharing options

-Storage is limited

-Files in synced folders are slow to upload

5. SugarSync

SugarSync is a file storage system designed for small businesses, but it's starting to expand its services to include a wider market. They have a few types of personal plans and one business plan to choose from.

✅ Pros

-Great UX design, use to navigate

-Protects individual folders

-Secure private policy

-Versioning capabilities

-Sync content across devices

❌ Cons

-Lacks security features for sharing

-Slow interface

-Not great for collaboration (doesn't support Office or Google Docs)


6. Collato

Last, but certainly not least, is Collato!

Collato is a visual collaboration management platform that offers the easiest, quickest, and best way to create, organize, and store files. We take file storing to the next level by offering a system that safely and securely manages your most sensitive project documents while still ensuring a simple user experience and seamless collaboration.

✅ Pros

-Built for collaboration

-Super secure features for sharing

-Beautiful design, easy interface to learn and use

-Versioning capabilities

-Digital signatures

-Accessible on every operating system

❌ Cons

There aren't any! But we might be biased 🤔

We're always looking for ways to improve, so if you have suggestions on how to make Collato better, feel free to email our customer success team (we're lightning quick at replying!).

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Now that you've explored some of the best file storage services on the market, go through and check out which platform would work best for you!

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